foundation image 2Our son, John, died accidentally in the early morning hours of May 3, 2010 in Fort Collins, CO where he was completing his sophomore year at Colorado State University.  John had been partying with some new friends, drinking alcohol and experimenting with prescription narcotics (oxycontin).  He went to sleep and never woke up. He was 20 years old.

Like most parents, we thought John to be special.  He was all adventure and charm, a dreamer and lover of all things–large and small.  He was a snowboarder in the Rockies of Colorado and Canada and a surfer and surf instructor in his beloved Hawaii.  His lacrosse team retired his jersey on his death.  He lived and studied in Peru with a Peruvian family, and wondered at Machupicchu and Lake Titicaca.  John liked to sit by a stream and look at the stars.

In his name, memory, and with the hope that we might help prevent the loss of another young person to prescription drug abuse, we have established The John Hunter-Hauck Foundation.

 MISSION:  To bring awareness to the “epidemic” of prescription drug abuse among youth and young adults.  Initially, The Foundation will make five, $1000.00 mini-grants available to 5 colleges/universities in Colorado.  The aim of the grants is to have student-grantees create a project that captures the problem of prescription drug abuse and conveys the problem peer to peer.  Creative  expression is encouraged  (video,drama,poetry,music, art, etc).

Margie Hauck and Alex Hunter

Gifts may be made to The John Hunter-Hauck Foundation, c/o The Community Foundation, a 501 C3, non-profit, located at:
1123 Spruce St., Boulder, CO  80302.
Toll free:  1-877-744-7239



  1. Dear Margie and Alex,
    We are happy to make a donation to your foundation in honor of John. He was a wonderful young man who would be proud of your efforts.

    Donald and Anne Burke

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